Webarchive thumbnails


i am in a group with the view set to ‘as Split’. Unfortuantely i don’t see any thumbnails for webarchives. just an icon ‘ARCHIVE’. it works for videos/pdfs though.
what do i do wrong? here are my media-settings: img229.imageshack.us/img229/9695/mediaq.jpg

help is appreciated,

Which version of Mac OS X are you using and when did you create the web archives? Depending on this you might have to use Data > Thumbnails > Create.

just created a web archive and it showed up blank. had to do data > thumbnails > create. but that can’t be the solution, creating 80% of my thumbnails manually.

and i am on 2.0pb8

How did you create the web archive?

you are right. when i use the bookmarklet ‘Archive’ it works but with command + shift + 5 it doesn’t.

thanks for the bug report, the final release will fix this.