Webdav setup to a home server...can´t find the path

Hello. Trying to setup a webdav sync…my databases are stores in a home server, local network, 2.5gbe, fast and stable. DT works fine this way. Server runs OpenMediaVault, webdav enabled, I can reach the server via browser using webdav. Permissions set.
The absolute path for the shared folder where the databases are is like:


But DT says it can’t create the sync store ´cose it can´t find the folder…

Ant experiences with that? ideas?


According to what I just browsed, OMV doesn’t have native WebDAV support and the plugin is not officially sanctioned.

Oh, I just made it 5 min ago! The plugin works fine. OMV support taught me the right way to lay down WebDAV paths (I was doing it wrong) that work with OMV, and it’s working like a charm… has to be http://myip/webdav/shared_folder…

That looks like a more reasonable URL. :slight_smile: