webDAV Sync and master.plist

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to DevonThink and try to sync with my co-workers via WebDAV.
I can successfully access the WebDAV folder and DevonThink creates a .dtCloud file.

However, DT logs the following lines when I try to activate databases for the sync:

19:05:44: 92f56b39489f370c4e7d91afgja8561255e0f9b2878326a6bd881f5933234c5/master.plist	†berprŸfung fehlgeschlagen.

I am completely clueless at this point.

any help welcome,
thanks and best regards,

What kind of WebDAV server are you running?

from my current point of view:
It is a Microsoft webDAV. We have a Microsoft server landscape. I access it via a ForeFront gateway in browser.

Please let me know if you should need more specific details so I can forward it to our admins if necessary.

edit: by the way, this thread wasn’t meant to be language-specific. my bad.

No worries. Can you hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug in DEVONthink? This will start a Support Ticket with the logs attached. Thanks!