WEBDAV-Sync Files deleted

Hi. The provider of my WEBDAV server stores all deleted files for 30 days. However, DEVONThink constantly causes deleted files, producing several GB of deleted files on the WEBDAV server after a few days. Since the recycle bin is counted against my storage space, my 20 GB there are full relatively quickly (after much less than 30 days). Is this a bug of DEVONThink and if not, is there any way to prevent it?

The sync adds & deletes files all the time. Doesn’t your provider offer an option not to keep deleted files?

Thanks for the answer. I already had a ticket open with the server provider. Unfortunately, he does not have this option to immediately delete deleted files. This is so annoying that I guess I have to look for another provider.

Are you using https://www.mydrive.ch?

Why not merely use Dropbox?