WebDAV sync: PDF from iPad "outstanding"

Not sure about “outstanding”, that’s a literal translation from my German DT.

I’m using sync over WebDAV with my private NAS. That works fine – in general. However, in the last few days, I noticed the same problem twice, namely:

  • Saved a PDF file to DTTG’s inbox on iPad/iPhone (from Mail or Browser)
  • File appears as “not yet downloaded” on Mac
  • Clicking on “Download” does nothing
  • Clicking on the cloud symbol on iPad/iPhone does nothing (noticeable).
  • The first time, I moved the PDF to another group, and bingo it appeared on the Mac in the same group
  • The second time, I OCR’d the PDF on the iPad, and bingo, it appeared in the inbox on the Mac.

Not a big deal, but a bit unusual, I think. Especially since other document types sync just fine from iPhone/iPad inbox to Mac.

Thanks for the report!
Are you printing to PDF or capturing the PDF via the Share sheet?

PS: It’s ”pending” in the English UI.

No printing. In one case, it was the share sheet, in the other one the Save option of my banking app, that seemed to call up the share sheet, too.

Face palm: I knew that „outstanding“ was something very different, but could just not think of „pending“

No worries and thanks for the clarification.
We haven’t seen this issue in some time but it seems a placeholder is synced before the content is in the database, leaving the file in a pending state.

We’ll see if we can reproduce it here.