WebDAV Sync Question

Hi there,

I have another quick question, I am trying to setup WebDAV sync with Koofr cloud which used to work in the past for me. Then I removed it but would like to start using it again. I have path, username, an app password all setup correctly but somehow when I am trying to setup the sync DEVONthink asks me to specify the Sync Store Name as a Required Field, what do I put there if I want to setup a new one. There isn’t one existing.

Thank you!

If you used it in the past and you’re logging in with the same credentials, the name of the previous sync store should be shown when you click the dropdown menu for Store Name.

Problem is I delete that sync store outside of DEVONthink…

If that’s the case, you put in whatever name makes sense to you.

From the In & Out > Sync > Basics & How To section of the built-in Help and manual

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Thank you!

Funny thing this time it worked just giving it a name. Must have use a character that was not allowed before…

I appreciate it!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: