WebDAV vs. iCloud (CloudKit)


I have a working WebDAV Sync to my Syno, after upgrading to DEVONthink To Go 3.0 I wonder, what the speed difference for syncing is between WebDAV and iCloud (CloudKit)?

Is it worth from a sync speed point of view to change from WebDAV to iCloud (CloudKit)? Are there other reasons like sync robustness for a change or I am I well off using WebDAV going forward?

Would like to know more about pros/cons regarding those sync types.

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is not the best thing for you to set up a test and do your own benchmarks? depends on a number of factors in your control (bandwidth, memory, etc.)

For me I just let it rip in the background. How long it takes does not real matter.

Actually this would be a good test, yes. However if there is some general knowledge already available - at least for me - it’s not worth the hassle to find it out myself.

Furthermore there could be some more insights regarding stability that you wouldn’t find out with a simple speed test.

I think there is mention in the release notes and in other posts here.

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This is impossible to answer as there are too many variables in the equation.

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I beg to differ. Whoever might have conducted such a test

  • might have a different LAN technology (10 Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps?)
  • might have a different desktop computer
  • might have a different Synology device
  • might be connected to the Synology device by wire or WLAN
  • might have a different router
  • might have a different internet connection (DSL/VDSL/cable, whatnot)

So what could you possibly learn for your situation from a speed test conducted in a completely different environment.
In addition, I don’t think that “speed” is a very important factor in anything but the very first sync. Unless, of course, you add hundreds of files to on device in between syncs.


Why do you want to replace a working sync solution with something else? I don‘t understand your motivation.

In my scenario I am too syncing locally — for a good reason: I am capturing sensual and business data that are highly private and sensitive. I am not allowed by european and german laws to let that data leave the EU.
In fact I am not interested without any laws to copy my data into a cloud. Remember: A cloud is just someone else“s computer…

That went well…

Just wanted to know pros and cons for WebDAV vs. iCloud (CloudKit). From times to times there are changes which aren’t evolutionary but revolutionary. So if the general feedback had been iCloud (CloudKit) is say 100 times faster than WebDAV due to another architectural approach I would like to know that. I am sure computer scientists could have figured this out themself, but as I am not one of those I am glad to ask in the forum :slight_smile:

I take along that there is no major difference and all other factors like security considerations, network speeds et cetera are more crucial. Thanks for helping out.

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I use WebDAV, and it Is significantly faster than iCloud (CloudKit)
I have Synology Nas 1621+ and 218+
Linksys velop
First sync with 15000 files was blazing
No problems at all and feels secure.
iCloud is good but not fast as WebDAV for me
I access it remotely over 4g

great, thanks for the insight

Do bear in mind, these answers are anecdotal.
Your mileage, as they say, may vary. :slight_smile: