Webserver search != app search?


i was just testing the web server, thinking of making it available for me when I’m powerbookless. Searching for a word or phrase inside the application returns quite a different result set from the same search with the webserver. I am used to finding some of my frequently referred things by a quick search, this didn’t work at all with the webserver.

Is this correct, and a bug? Or by design? Or should the search be identical?

Have you set the search options in the web interface similar to your search options in DEVONthink itself?

thanks eboehnisch, that was it

I changed the web comparison setting to Fuzzy, like it is in the Search window, and now it finds everything I look for. Super!

Does the Search field in the toolbar use the Search window settings?

No, it has its own settings in the magnifying glass popup menu.

wow always something new in this app i start to get why you call it devon THINK