I’ve recently been running the demo of webstractor. I have to say that it has some great futures that DT should take a look at. First and foremost would be the click and edit of what appear to be web archives. I archive a huge amount of references as web archives in DTP. What drives me crazy is all the “extra” junk (ads, links, comments) that come along with it. Webstractor allows you to just select and delete the junk. Please try to add this feature to DTP itself. Thanks.

That’s already possible - just select/open a web archive, select some content and press delete and Data > Save (or Cmd-S) afterwards :slight_smile: There’s only a minor bug as the Edit > Delete command is disabled but should be enabled.

Thanks Christian. It does work. I should have been more specific though. Webstractor also allows you to remove frames and have the page automatically reformated to fit the window. Although, to be fair, I have not played around with the good ol’ delete key with my archives, so maybe DTP does this too. You at least saved me $80 for another week while I try to see if DTP does what Webstractor does. Thanks again.

Ok, this is weird. If you select and delete a frame, it does not go away. However, if you view as source and then go back to view as page, then the frame is gone. Is this a bug?

I’ll check this - do you have an example URL for me? That would be really helpfuly - thanks!

This is the page that I tried it out on. I deleted the frames on the left and on the top.

blogs.digitalmediaphile.com/barb … c+MCE.aspx

Deleting frames is a little bit tricky but it’s not a bug. The frame size is calculated while the page is rendered. Rendering the page again (like switching to source and page again) adapts the frame size.