Weird line at the menu bar intersecting the search menu

I’m on MB M3 Pro, not a big issue but quite annoying. Menu function works fine

Which version of DEVONthink & macOS? Does restarting fix this?

Latest 3.9.4 version
MacOS 14.3 Sonoma
Devonthink Pro edition

Restarting does not fix the issue.
However, if i click on the search bar, it goes away, but if click away, it comes back again

Is this line also visible in light mode or only in dark mode?

Also visible on light mode

Just to add on, it happens both in fullscreen mode and windowed mode

No such line over here using the same versions. Does this happen right after launching the app, does booting in safe mode fix this?

For some reason its not happening anymore, not sure what happened. Probably i messed with the customize toolbar button. I guess its solved :joy:. Thank you for your help though

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Did you update to the public version of Sonoma 14.3 and it disappeared?