Weird OCR-Error after Update ("Analze Pages Error, license pages remaing: 0")


after updating DT to 3.5.1 I was happy at first, because OCR speed increased a lot, but now there occurs another strange error, when I start OCR. Now, after a couple of successfully processed pdf-files, I always get the following messages, no matter, which kind of pdf I want to be processed:

Analze Pages Error, license pages remaing: 0


Unspecified ABBYY OCR error

You can also take a view at the screenshot.

Can anyone help?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-12 um 01.29.41

Some people here had similar errors, so I tried to do, what cgrunenberg recommended here but unfortunately in my library-folder there is no such subfolder.

Did you check the Library folder of your home directory (e.g. use Go > Go To Folder… in the Finder and enter ~/Library)?

Ah, it is a hidden folder.

I renamed it and now: it works!

Thank you!