Weird (tiny) print sizes -- a workaround

People have commented on a problem with printing Rich Text Format documents, where what is selected as, for example, Times 12 point sporadically prints at what looks more like 6 or 7 point.Some have tried things like increasing the font size to 24 or larger to get it to print appropriately.

Another work-around that I use is to just get a Print Preview prior to sending it to the printer, and if it looks like it’ll be tiny (usually manifested by a right margin that is only halfway across the page), I just go to Page Setup and set the Scale to 140 or 160%.

Until print sizes are more consistent, I prefer to change the Page Setup Scale rather than font sizes, because then exporting to other applications doesn’t cause overly large fonts.


Printing is still a problem, unfortunately. My solution is to open the file externally (cmd-shift) and set borders in Text Edit (cmd-shift-W) and print (cmd-P), then close the file in TextEdit (cmd-W).

These are 4 clicks instead of one, but I have my font sizes and styes working as they should and always the same, which I personally prefer.

Of course, better printing options (date and time stamp, page number e.g.) would be highly desirable. ;D

DT is not just an excellent tool for collecting and retrieving data, it is the best writing tool I ever worked with.


I agree – your way is much more reproducible. I was just trying to not undergo the hassle of leaving DT. But, it strikes me that since both DT and Text Edit are Apple Scriptable, it shouldn’t be that hard to write a script to do what you just described, right?

Have you tried Christian’s free Word Services, to assign a keyboard shortcut to inserting the current time / date?


Thanks, I shall try this immediately - the AppleScript idea may be another solution - though I still do not like AppleScript  ???


No need to like it to use it? :slight_smile:

I’ve rarely used AppleScript during the last years but DT Pro has changed my attitude a lot :wink: