Weird user error – Markdown: DT shows another document in the preview

Never seen that before.

DT 3.9 on macOS 13.2.1, Intel

Here’s what I did:

  • went to · GitHub
  • switched on raw display there
  • selected the complete text
  • went to DT, Data/new document from clipboard
  • got an HTML document (why – no idea, unless the MIME type in the clipboard is HTML?) containing the MD data
  • deleted that document
  • selected “Data/New/Markdown” in DT
  • pasted the MD data into this new document
  • everything looked honky-dory until I turned on the preview.
  • the wrong preview belongs to another MD document that is actually stored in the same group
  • terminating and restarting DT doesn’t change anything, the preview is still of the wrong doc
  • Removed the global stylesheet setting from preferences and – whoa, everything’s good again.
  • This “stylesheet” was in fact an item link to another MD document (the one then displayed in preview).

This was, of course, a very stupid user mistake. But would it perhaps be possible to check if the CSS given in the global preferences is really a CSS and not something else?

I can’t replicate this on the public build of DEVONthink.

Your note is taken as the stylesheet I specficed via item link here is a link to an email in the database. However, it just seems to be changing the font to American Typewriter (which I coincidentally love), though my Rich Text & Note Font is set to Avenir.

Well, here it was a link to an MD document, not to an e-mail.

I see the same behavior regardless of the type of the item-linked file.

Hm. My MD file begins with

p {
  hyphens: auto;
  text-align: justify;

Hmm… still not seeing an issue here. Criss would have to weigh in on it.