Welcome to Discourse


Dear all,

We’ve finally switched our user forum over from the dated phpBB3 to shiny new Discourse. While it might feel unfamiliar at first you’ll soon find that it’s way more comfortable and consistent than our old forum.

Feel free to discuss with us about it in the Site Feedback category.



A brand new looking is a good start point, nice work!

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Perfect. Responsive and a contemporary look.

And a special hint to Bill‘s posts. Well done! :heart:


Nice and modern! I like it!

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Discourse is awesome! Great UI and design. Love the shortcut keys too.

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Love the move to discourse!

Could we get dark mode as a choice for this discourse forum please?


Thanks for moving to Discourse! Nearly every forward-thinking software developer is using Discourse, so this will be an easy transition for me.


Hello Devon-Team!

I love the move to this new forum !

Great work!


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Definitely. We’ll activate the existing dark theme soon.

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Nice-looking and modern!

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discourse is great. the upgrade procedure takes a bit of getting used to, but luckily we users will not be confronted with that :slight_smile:

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first impressions - really good move!
thanks for pointers to Bill’s posts too
keep up the great work!
best regards,

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Maybe in anticipation of increased traffic as result of upcoming software updates?


Not sure what this means.