Well done

The new DTtoGo app with cloud sync is great! Well done DEVONtechnologies. Now it can replace all my supplemental apps (OneNote, Notes, etc.)

I’d have preferred iCloud for sync across all platforms, but Dropbox will do.

I just downloaded DTTG2. I’ve also been searching the site for instructions on how to sync from a mac to iOS. Aside from older posts that talk about DTTG1 or provide general info on the “upcoming” DTTG2, I can 't find any info. Even the latest DTPO’s help doesn’t discuss iOS syncing. Where are the instructions?

There is a Help (?) file incorporated on the app (on the low left side).

Well, I find no such link in my DTPO screen, but I can get to the help file via the “Help” menu. However, if you look up the section (in the DTPO help screen) on “Take Your Data With You”, you’ll find how to sync two macs, but there’s no mention of iOS and the new DTTG2 app and how to sync between mac and iOS.

You are right. You are reading the Help file in the desktop app, I was talking about the Help file in the iOs app (DTGO 2.0). But all the sync system is a little complicated and more info from the developers could be necessary.

You’re right.

But I did stumble into a “Sync” page in the help (not sure what section it’s in) and from there I’m directed to the app’s preferences, the sync section. So I guess this is my starting point.

Good. Are you using DTGO 2.0 with your iPad? I have the iPad 2 and the app does not work. It has many bugs. Hope they will fix it.

Please start a Support Ticket and please provide useful information for us to work with. Thanks.

My device is the iPad Pro 9". I got the sync to work. Used one of my databases on my Mac that indexes a folder on Dropbox.