Westlaw and Fastcase

I’m an attorney and I really need Westlaw to work on DA. I searched old forum posts and it looks like several lawyers have requested a plugin through the years. I tried to make a plugin but I couldn’t get it to work with Westlaw’s login process. Would it be possible to get a plugin or does anyone else out their have a plugin for Westlaw that they’ve made? I believe that the majority of attorneys and judges use Westlaw over Lexis Nexis, so I think it would be an extremely helpful tool for the majority of attorneys.

Also, many bar associations give their members a free account on Fastcase. It would be another legal database plugin that would be very helpful to DA’s attorney users.


Welcome @Green_Esquire

Noting we are not attorneys and have no access to these types of resources, it’s not something we can just create without access.

However, the first thing I’d suggest is to open DEVONagent’s Preferences > Web and disable JavaScript.
Then press Command-N to open a new DEVONagent browser window.
Log into one of the aforementioned sites, and try a search.
If it doesn’t display correctly or doesn’t return results, it’s almost certainly a JavaScript-based search engine. DEVONagent doesn’t support such engines at this time.

I’d also check the other site as well.