What Are Those Symbols?

What are the symbols following the document name. I see some for instance that look like 2 overlapping squares. I know those signify replicants. But many of my files have a solid gray oval shaped symbol with a kind of tail on the bottom. I’ve looked through Joe Kissell’s e-book and don’t find the answer. Also looked through the User Manual.

I’m new with the program, probably missing where this info is located, but is there a link to an explanation of these symbols?

Most likely there are Spotlight Comments on the file.

I can’t find anything consistent about this particular symbol. For a while I thought they might signify that it was a file that had tags. But going through my files I have some files with no symbol that have tags. What does seem consistent is that all the files that are tagged also have this symbol. That doesn’t explain why the untagged files have no symbol.

When you refer to spotlight comments, are you talking about the comments that you can get when you hover your pointer over the file? Because I can do that on any of the files. It also doesn’t look like anything happens when you click on it.

Show the info panel for a selected file by clicking on the info icon in the toolbar, or with the shortcut command-shift-i. The Spotlight Comments field is at the bottom of the panel.

The icons are discussed in the DEVONthink manual. Here is a capture of part of page 135 of the current manual for DEVONthink Pro Office.