What constitutes a template?

Is a template as simple as a document template created for any form of document that is readable by DEVONthink Pro Office? This would mean that templates for PDF forms can be used with their own methods of editable fields? Or, perhaps there is more to it such as imbedded indicators for executable scripts, what to do with certain types of data, etc. such as directives to the database?
In either case how does the query language know how to interpret keywords such as NEAR, that require some knowledge by the database as to ordering of data? How are new styles created? Is it limited only by the type of document type being used? How are tables parsed in queries? So many questions. :slight_smile:
Then there is the question of scripts and how they are intended to work with documents. Just a few paragraphs on this subject would save many of us wasted time experimenting.

Have you looked at the manual / built-in Help / and tutorials?