what could it be that overrides my keyboard shortcut in DTPO

I have defined a keyboard shortcut (cmx-^) to cycle through all open windows of an application in OSX (“move focus to next window”). It works everywhere except in Devon Think. The shortcut comes in very handy when working with several documents open.

I’ve checked the “shortcuts” file in the help section but could not find nay conflicts with the key combination I use. Any ideas where to look and what to look for?

sorry, what I meant to write was cmd-^ (command-^).

I have tried control-F4, but it jumps over to the next application once all windows of one application have been in focus. What I need is cycling though them, without ever leaving the application.

The option I use is in the same pane of System Preferences as the one you propose, and works the way I need. Moreover, I would like to keep the key combination I am used to for years. Something in DT seems to block it from being interpreted.

Ah! I see now why you were astonished in first place. I am on an QWERTZ keyboard (Germany), and what I understand only now is that my ^-key is where you have the '-~-key: on the upper left under esc.

Could the problem bei linked to this?

cmd-^ is not equivalent to cmd-shift-6 on my keyboard. cmd-shift-6 does work as it should, bot cmd-^ does not create any effect at all, although it works in all other applications.

In any case, missing the shift key (which would be easily possible in the somehow anti-ergonomic cmd-shift-6 version) is not the cause for what (not) happens.

Thank you for following up on these somehow very minute details, korm …

I tried to figure out again but still have no clue what could be the origin of this problem. Any ideas where I could go on looking / testing?

This is only a suggestion, but the standard OS X shortcut (at least for UK English keyboards) for cycling through an application’s windows is not cmd-^, but cmd-`. It might be worth trying that if all else has failed.