What determines "automatic syncing"?

What is meant exactly by the “automatic” option in Preferences > Sync > Synchronize: Automatic?

The manual merely describes the option.

What states cause this mechanism to decide that it’s time to sync?

Confused it as this (though the times may actually vary based on the method):

Sync approx. 30-45 seconds after a change is made or after 4.5 minutes of idle time.

OK. I will bear that strange algorithm in mind. I was thinking in terms of Bonjour/LAN sync.

What is strange about it?

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It’s apparently friends with the lizard.

Well not strange exactly, though certainly arbitrary, and for reasons unknown. Why the difference between the two? It’s informative enough to know though, given delays set before machine sleep, etc.

Lizard? Whatever currently fashionable meme that refers to is lost on me I’m afraid :confused:

There’s nothing arbitrary about it.
It is well publicized that sync doesn’t run constantly and these intervals exist. The intervals are in place to improve performance and minimize noise on a network.

I didn’t say or imply that sync should be run constantly. I’m not sure how that could possibly work.

But of course it’s arbitrary; otherwise why not 20-40 seconds and 3.5 minutes? Unless these are optimum intervals based on normative data from observed behaviour, though I get the feeling they’re not.

I have an interest in the logic of sync and I merely wondered how DT3 handles this “automatic” setting, that’s all.

We have had people expecting sync to be running constantly.

The length of the intervals has been modified and confirmed by reading and interpreting responses about sync.