What do the different folder icons mean?

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What do the different folder icons mean? There’s yellow, and blue, and blue with two arrows, and blue with an AT sign (I think I know that one). Is this documented anywhere?

  • Blue groups are those that are disabled for tagging (the group is not considered to be a tag)
  • Yellow groups are those that are enabled for tagging (you can add the group name to a document as a tag and a replicant will appear in the yellow group with that name)
  • Square group icons with two arrows on the group icon are email imports (DEVONthink Pro Office)
  • The blue circular icon with two arrows is the Sync group for that database
  • Groups with the tag icon are … tags
  • Purplish group icons with a gear on it are smart groups
  • Groups with the RSS icon are … RSS

And you can change most (all?) group icons to any icon you desire using Show Info

Maybe these could be added to the Iconology section of the Appendix in DEVONthink’s documentation that already shows icons, with their meanings, that appear behind item names.