What do the icons on this Board mean?

On the Index pages of the Board, to the left of the Topic titles, are icons. Some are red, some are blue. Some are animated and scroll, others don’t. Some have stars or arrows, or other symbols, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what they mean.

What do they all mean? Is there a guide somewhere to these?

I believe there are only two icons that are not user-initiated. Topics with many responses will show the animated scroll effect, and topics that you have posted in will have a red star. New posts since you last viewed a topic appear in red. The other icons are (optionally) set by the user when the post is made. Look at the Post icon options that appear above the Subject field* when posting.

  • I use the prosilver forum skin so this may be different from the default forum skin.

There is also a difference in the color of the various usernames based on status, newly registered members are black, registered users are dark green, and administrators are a more pale green.