What does a click on the flag in the inspector window do?

I have clicked on the flag symbol in the See also & Classify inspector window in the groups section. The highlighted file in the item list disappeared ? So my question, I could not find and explanation the action that is triggered when clicking on the flag symbol. So what does it do? And where did my file go ?

Thanks for the help

Do you mean the flag as described on page 73 in the DT manual?

On page 236 of that same manual you’ll find:

Flagged/Unflagged: Items can be checked or unchecked for your personal use, e.g., for creating a to-do list, maintaining a shopping list, or writing a list of project tasks.

Thanks for the reply, but I could not figure out, when I click on the small flag icon in the sidebar one the left in the See also & Classify section. If I double click on it, my file gets moved to the folder that is highlighted, but I can’t see, that it is flagged. So I still do not understand what clicking on the symbol is doing.

A screenshot would be useful.

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Thanks a lot … now I understand !!!


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