what does "missing manifest files in log file mean?

See attachment. What does this mean? Thanks.

Assuming that it’s not a temporary issue then the sync store might be damaged. Are you able to successfully verify the sync store on the Mac? What kind of cloud service do you use?

I use dropbox.
How do I verify the syncstore? I verify databases but don’t see a command to verify/check syncstore.

Select the Sync Location and press the Action menu (gear icon) or right-click it. If you hold the Option key, you can choose Verify Location Thoroughly.

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Support ticket response indicated to clean from DTTG2. Trying that now.

@nishiazabu: Did it work?

How do I “clean from DTTG2”? Got the same manifest-message, thoroughly verifying didn’t help…

  1. Open DEVONthink To Go 2’s Settings > Sync : Edit Locations and left-swipe the location you want to clean.
  2. Touch the Clean link.
  3. Okay the prompt to Clean. This will remove Sync data from the location so you can Sync afresh. You should see a progress indicator noting the clean is running.

Jep, that helps - message disappeared on all devices (inclusive DTPO), thanx a lot!

It did not work in my case. I set up a fresh sync store and everything works now on 3 macs an ipad pro and an iphone.