what does "plus 1" mean in dock icon?

I’ve just started using DevonThink Pro after an absence of a couple of years. I now have a red circle with at “+1” in the DevonThink Pro dock icon. Yet I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. There’s nothing unread in the global inbox. In fact, nothing is in there at all (read or unread). There are files for the project inbox, but they are all read.

Any hints about what the red-circle-plus-one is about? Many thanks.

This is typically shown when something has been imported, such as from the DEVONThink browser extension, or through a script.

There may be an entry in OS X’s Notification Centre.
On your mac, bring up notification centre by clicking on the icon in the top left portion of your Mac’s menu bar. You should see an entry for whatever it was that has prompted the dock icon to have a +1 Badge.
It should look something like this:

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Thanks for your response. There was nothing in the Notifications Center. Weirdly enough when I imported something via the browser extension the “+1” in the dock icon went away! This is not intuitive at all.

Are there any other actions that activate the “+1”?

I don’t know the specifics of what will add the application icon badge, but I can get it to pop up a variety of ways:

  • Clipping from a browser
  • Using any script or “service” to add content
  • Using any of the Mail plugin stuff to import messages
  • Adding content to DPTO from DEVONAgent.

What does NOT add an icon badge:

  • Dragging to the sorter
  • Dragging directly to the DTPO Dock icon.

It basically seems like any time something is added to DPTO without actually interacting with DTPO directly (including the icon and sorter), the badge is applied. If you add content using DTPO (or the sorter) directly, there will be no application badge.

Scott: Thanks again. I think that clears things up. Your help is much appreciated.

Not a problem at all. Glad to have been able to help a bit.