What does "Scroll to Selection" do?

Hello all - no doubt obvious - but I’ve tried a few things, and nothing appears to be happening?

What am I missing?

Edit>>Find>>Scroll to Selection [Cmd+J]

Per Help:

… meaning, if you’re reading a PDF, say, and you’ve selected some text on page 2, meanwhile moving the focus in the page sidebar to some other page – ⌘J “Scroll to Selection” will return you to that selected text on page 2. I found this useful as a kind of bookmark-on-the-fly if I want to return to the position where I’m reading, but I also want to leave for a moment and check out something on another page, then return to where I was reading.

Test it for yourself.

Thanks korm!

I had a look in the manual, but it didn’t make things much clearer. Your explanation does though - and yes, this can be very useful, as per your suggestion.