What does the Pro Package add to DTTG?

I’m new to the whole Devonthink ecosystem and I’m wondering if someone here might be able to detail what DTTG’s “Pro Package” adds to the base app?

Normally such in-app purchases are described within an app’s main description on the App Store, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for DTTG, nor have I been able to find details elsewhere.


Hello neilb

the premium package contains everything to annotate PDF files, such as:

  • Add text
  • Annotate with ApplePencil or any other pencil (handwriting and annotation)
  • add images
  • add shapes
  • rearrange any page within the pdf and much more.

Althogether, it can be said, that the package adds a full pdf annotation bar to DTTG, so you do not have to use any other pdf app to annotate or fill out your forms within a pdf.

Hope that helps
PS: If you are new to DTTG, you can find some resources on my website too.

Welcome @neilb

The Pro Pack provides:

  • Viewing and searching emails
  • Working with our tabular data format, sheets.
  • PDF Annotations
  • A shallow sync method, allowing you to sync the metadata for files in a database, but downloading the contents on demand. This may help use less space on the mobile device.
    Sync is covered more in DEVONthink To Go’s Help.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: