What does Twitter plugin do, exactly?

I’m having trouble figuring out what the Twitter plugin does.

First, if I put the hashtag #twitjc in the search box on Twitter.com I get loads of hits (between 1000 and 2000 updates, if you go back to Sunday evening). If I search on the same hastag using DA it returns zero hits, so what gives?

Second, how do you get it to return the text of matching tweets rather than links to user’s twitter homepages?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

It’s just searching the text of tweets and is optimized for DEVONagent Express. However, a more sophisticated but much slower plugin can be installed via Help > Support Assistant.

Thanks. I’ve now tried installing this plugin but don’t get any better results.

I still don’t really understand what’s going on though. If the plugin is searching the text of tweets, why do you get such radically different results compared to putting the same search term into the search box on the twitter.com site?

(The reason I don’t just use the twitter.com search is that I was hoping the plugin would give me a way to capture an archive of tweets using a particular hashtag that I could then import into DevonThink for analysis, but it looks like this isn’t possible with DA?)

Both plugins do not (yet) support hashtags, all plugins use the same search syntax of DEVONagent/think & EasyFind.