What file types have the “Description” attribute?

I noticed that Description is not an attribute that is made by or accessible inside DevonTHINK. So it must be an intrinsic attribute of some files types. What are these types?

Also, I would like to review—What is the full list of text-type attributes that users can exploit? Is this list complete?

  1. Finder comments.
  2. Annotations.
  3. Tags
  4. Properties (only for PDF and maybe RTF, right?)
  5. Description (the unknown that prompted this list)

… am I missing anything?

Also, I had hoped all the Metadata might be listed and described somewhere in the documentation. Most are obvious, but some—like Path, Location, Description—are not. None are defined.

Thanks again!

Description and Headline are available with images.

You could create your own Description field as custom metadata, if you’re running the Pro or Server edition. However, I would use a slightly different name to avoid confusion.

E.g. images, HTML pages, web archives and third-party file formats. But also Markdown after defining the description like metadata…

description: Content

Thanks fellas! I’ve been tinkering with my last problem—extracting buried RTFs from a complex ToC-type group structure and then listing them in original order inside a Smart Group—and have been using various regexes to extract strings for ordering. Finder Comments seems to be a safe sandbox for trying out different attributes, but I suppose making my own would work, too.

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