what files/databases do I need to put back on fresh machine?

I am doing a clean install of my Operating System.
Going from OS X.9 to OS X.11

I want to make copies of all of my databases and any other files I need to put back on my empty machine.
I’ll be doing a fresh install of DevonThink Office.

Please tell me how to proceed and if this is the proper procedure.

I see my databases; I have them stored in my documents folder.
Do i need any of these from my library?

Is there anything I need to do special to keep from messing up my iPad sync with my DT Office?

Thank you in advance
DEVONthink Pro Office Finder, Today at 8.03.54 PM.png

In addition to your databases you could copy the library folder “DEVONthink Pro 2” to ensure that e.g. the global inbox and the sync setup will be available after reinstalling the system.

Thank you cgrunenberg! You deserve a raise for being so prompt helpful. Or promoted to the head of the support team.