What happened to “Copy Selection To...” script?

Until the latest DTPOffice beta there was a truly neat script available from the Menu Bar Applescript icon that allowed you to sent selected text to specific group folders rather than to the In-boxes. I think it was called “Copy Selection To…”. It opened a list of all the groups in a database and allowed you to select the appropriate one or create a new group. But in the current beta it appears to have gone AWOL - at least I can’t find it anywhere.

Please can we have it back? For me this was by far the most useful means of importing stuff. It was simple, clean and elegant. I know where most of my stuff belongs and this allowed me to get it there directly in a couple of keystrokes. Now, though, I either have to send everything to the Global In-box, then drag it into a local database, and then to the appropriate folder, or drag it to the Sorter, where it would be crazy to include all the groups in every database. This is really annoying. It screws up what was previously a joyously simple part of my workflow, one of the reasons why DTPO is so good.

Or am I missing something?

If you like to file new content directly to a group destination, there’s a new feature in public beta 4, accessible in Preferences > Import - Destination. If you select the ‘Select group’ choice, future captures via Bookmarklets, scripts and Services will pop up a panel in which you can choose the open database and group to which the content will be directed.

This works not only for text captures but also for other filetypes such as WebArchive, HTML, or PDF.

If you haven’t noticed the new Bookmarklets available on the Web site, see http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/extras.html.

So that’s where it went! Many thanks, Bill, and apologies for wasting your time. I hadn’t delved sufficiently into the new Prefs. It’s a great implementation of the feature, especially the Bookmarklets - a pleasure to use. :smiley:

One suggestion, though. How about including these saving alternatives in some way in the contextual menu? At the moment DTPO doesn’t make use of this (though DEVONagent does for searching), and it’s more comfortable than having to go to the Services menu. If you are clipping from a web browser the bookmarklets are perfect, but elsewhere a simple right-click option would be that much more convenient than the Services menu.

Love it! What a great new feature! Thanks!