What happened to icons?

In the results list I had pdf icons - now I do not have them.
I have attached screen shot of results list and Reveal in Finder result.
Icons are important visual clue for me.
I think - not shure - that icons dissapeared after last update several days ago.

The results list should indeed display the PDF icon whereas the preview area should display a preview of the first page (if possible). DEVONsphere Express is working that way since version 1.0. Could you please post a screenshot of the results list below the preview area? Thanks in advance!

Try scrolling the attachement, the screenshot includes results list (or I think).
Result list has the generic icon for pdfs, not my icon.
I can scroll it.
Thanks for prompt answer.

Indeed :open_mouth:

I see, you’re using custom icons. That’s indeed not supported right now due to some optimizations & caching. We might change this again depending on feedback.

Well, you know my feedback.
Thanks for reply (not for changed application behaviour).