What happened to the "capture note" function?

This key tool has apparently disappeared with a recent update. I want to have it back, and I believe many others would agree with me.

There is now a series of options under the Capture Page choice, and one is “formatted text,” but it captures the entire page, not just the selected text.

By ‘capture note’ do you mean rich text capture via Data > Capture? Rich text is still there, under the name ‘rich text’.

Or in Clip to DEVONthink?

My usual preference is for rich text capture of a selected area of a Web page, so that I’ve excluded unwanted images and text. From a browser that fully supports OS X Services such as Safari, DEVONagent Pro or DEVONthink the keyboard shortcut Command-) will capture the selected area. But Chrome and Firefox don’t support Services properly and that can’t be done by those browsers.

The new Formatted Notes is an HTML filetype in which images can be stored and then viewed when offline. It is similar in that respect to a rich text capture, and is editable. Formatted notes can be viewed on iOS devices, which do not fully support rich text editing.

I do mean rich text capture. The Data-Capture-Rich Text menu flow will be a substitute, but I am used to having the “capture note” or an equivalent on the context menu for quick access.

The name has changed, but the function you are looking for is still there. If you make a text selection, right-click, and select ‘Capture Page>Rich Text’ you will get a rich text document of the selection, just as it was in the past when using Capture Note. The name in the menu was changed to avoid confusion with the new HTML document format, Formatted Note. The Formatted Note option does, as you mentioned, capture the entire page instead of the selection.

So, I got quite excited about the new “Formatted Note” option. MS Word will do similar but has lots of downsides.

Using RTF gets difficult as soon as there are embedded images (converts to RTFD which not everyone knows what to do with).

Here’s me thinking that this new format would be great. The problem I see so far is how to make such a document editable for somebody who is not using DThink.

TextEdit converts to RTFD.
Evernote makes a copy in its database, which seems editable, but nothing is saved to the version in the DTPO database.
MS Word 2011 ignores the embedded image.
Espresso works but few collaborators have that.

Anyone found an app or combo/workflow that makes it feasible to send a formatted note to someone else, which they can then edit?