What happens after the download?

I am using the download manager to download around 12 2GB files from a server. Some of the files show up my Devonthink database as they should, but some don’t. In the download manager they are marked as downloaded, but nowhere to find. As I have the names of the files they are easy to search for. I have searched my hard drive with HoudahSpot to see if they landed anywhere else but they are nowhere to find. Very strange! What is wrong here?
Best regards, Per

What kind of files actually and what’s the destination for them (see action menu)? Anything in Windows > Log?

All PDF files, all around 2 GB (a lot of pages!) Nothing in the log window. Under action menu/download in, is the main inbox chosen. Under action menu/option/Folder, I have chosen the download folder of the Finder. But the files don’t show up there. Those I do find are all in the main inbox.

Is it possible that smart rules processed, e.g. moved, the files?

No, I searched for all the files and various ways in all databases: with their name and “latest added” etc.

Are the files public?

Would it be possible that they are in DT’s trash? Just a weird idea.

It is files from a public accessible server.

No, I checked that

What’s the URL of a file which wasn’t imported?

This fine got downloaded but disappeared:

Other than the file being massive (and I’d say poorly constructed to be this size) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… the file downloaded with no issue here.

It is likely you’re expecting it to be in a place it’s not going to be as the downloaded file will be stored in a structure similar to where it was downloaded from. Look in…