What I need: a very scriptable web browser

I do a lot of UI scripting with Applescript, mainly because sadly Apple does not care about Applescript and most new apps (including all Twitter apps for some reason) have little if any Applescript command support.

What I would love to find is: a browser that would allow me to really script any element in the browser. Tell elements to click on or off, simulate clicks or filling in of information, and manipulating “web 2.0” buttons that are often resistent to this. (Facebook, or Postling, which both seem to obfuscate their controls on purpose to scripting.)

Safari is the best browser for scripting currently, Chrome shows some promise but hasn’t come through over the last few updates. Is there any chance DevonAgent would ever be this kind of tool?

Thanks for the feedback! But I have to disagree and claim that DEVONagent’s script suite is already superior to the one of Safari or Google Chrome but the mileage might depend on the usage scenario of course :wink: However, there are no plans to script elements of websites currently.

Try http://glimmerblocker.org/.

I know your pain and I suggest you to try GlimmerBlocker :slight_smile:

If you can do something using Javascript, you can do it with GlimmerBlocker.

Take a look at http://sikuli.org/, a very forward-looking approach to scripting.