What if….Integration

Curious how would this play out if implemented.

Nothing good comes from tapping into social media. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Please no!!! :-). DT is for knowledge work.

Not necessary social media. That’s just an example :wink:

For instance, web pages someone frequent for whatever reason, research or integration with workflow etc.

You could add frequently visited web pages to the favorites or reading list.

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That’s what I did. :slight_smile: but URLs are opened in separate window.

But I’m thinking something more special there(extras)
I posed a suggestion but of course you guys could expand it and think out of the box like how you did with Devontechnologies, this is a nice feature, we have “support” and “Devontechnologies”

How about a section for “DevonAgent Pro” see? Thats thinking out of the box :wink: then you would get rid of the DevonAgent Pro app. Just like you did with DEVONnotes. Merge DevonAgent pro with DevonThink :wink: Again this is just an example how to implement something there.

DEVONnote 2.x was based on the same code-base as DEVONthink 2.x, in the end it could have also been named “DEVONthink Note” edition :slight_smile:

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then you would get rid of the DevonAgent Pro app.

DEVONagent Pro is a very different application, with a very different focus. Could it be done? Probably. Is it a good idea? I think it would end up more like this…


Not every DEVONthink user needs DEVONagent and vice versa, therefore this doesn’t make sense indeed.

Haha! not the entire app bits and pieces :wink:

Just like Ammonite, nice touch on that one :wink:

Ok I trust you guys :slight_smile: