What I'm doing to organize Favorites

While we wait for DT3 to provide the ability to group items within the Favorites (on the L sidebar), I came here looking for a not-too-laborious way to do this manually.

I add things I need to find to Favorites but can never remember the file name and can’t easily find them in my long list of Favorites. You would think search would help, but I am too clever but half when I name things…

I didn’t find a method here so I used this low-tech, inelegant way to organize my Favorites.

For those interested in using this method:

  1. Make category names: On top menu R click + > plain text, name a file for each desired category*
  2. Add color indicator to each file: Data>Label >Choose a color (ignore the text)
  3. Add the files to Favorites: R click File, choose “Add to Favorites”
  4. Position item in Favorites: find file at bottom of Favorites, hover over the thumbnail, R click and drag to desired position**
  5. Revise file name: hover over filename, R click once to edit name field**. I removed the file extension and added asterisks before and after text e.g., ADMIN with 10 asterisks before & after. An efficient person would do this when they first named the file…
  6. Position your files under the appropriate category as in step 4

*You can use an empty folder instead of a file but you can’t color code a folder.
**Sometimes this opens the file, try again being sure to R click only once.


Labeled group…



When I choose a folder, Data>Label is greyed out.
My searches for “label folder” in Help and in “Take Control…” came up empty. Where may I find that option?


I tried your method years ago, and eventually quit because it became too tedious to scroll up and down a long list…

my own workaround is to simulate the ability to group favorites

  • create a group called “. Favorites as Replicants”. Note the :F , not F because I want the : Favorites to be listed at the beginning of all my groups of my database. The location at the top of the list makes it easy to find when I want to add replicants with ⌥ ⌘ drag and drop.
  • in the . Favorites as Replicants group, I add a multitude of subgroups by category, each containing only replicants of files and groups pertaining to that category and which I want to put into favorites.
  • I add each one of those subgroups to the favorites list

It also makes things a bit easier to tidy up no longer necessary favorites: just delete the replicants instead of having to “remove from favorites” each time.

disclaimer: my spouse says that I am not very intelligent

Good workaround, I’ll see if I can replicate as my list is likely to grow much longer.
Thank you!
RE disclaimer - Haha - Was she talking about DT3 workarounds? We are all bloody idiots in some area or another…

refers to helping with the household in general, bungling, lack of basic skills in the kitchen, not “seeing” areas that are obviously dirty, etc

Does it work from the contextual menu?

It works from the contextual menu.

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It should work from the Data > Labels menu in the upcoming maintenance release as well.

It helps if each partner notices different things :slight_smile:

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Indeed, it does. Thanks!

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