What is a Sync Store?

I’m trying to set up Devon to go 2. what is a Sync Store?

The Sync Store (name) is the name of the “folder” our sync engine will use to store its data in a Sync Location.

If this is a new sync, you need to give it a name. The best option is to have it simple (ie. easy to remember or type), no punctuation except underscores or hyphens, and it’s best if it’s one word. For example, I have syncStores named s3709, s3_Dropbox, and AllDatabases.

When setting up DTTG the manual says the following:

“For indirect connections (such as Dropbox, iCloud, and WebDAV),
enter the requested information, including the sync store name and password; and, if applicable and desired, turn on Verify Uploaded Items. If you already set up a sync store on another device, use its name and encryption key. (Refer back to Add an Indirect Connec-
tion for details on these options.)”

My DT3 databases reside in Dropbox. I have no clue what “the sync store” is, and while I’m a big fan of user manuals, in this instance it assumes that the reader knows something that the manual has yet to explain. Is this something I’m supposed to create in Dropbox?