What is a "web archive"?

Hi, what is the difference between the Web Archive, HTML, and Bookmark (or Link in DA) ways of adding information from a website to my DTPO database? Also, I have the bookmarklets installed for Safari, but I use DA a lot, too - is there a reason to prefer adding information via DA vs. the Safari bookmarklets? Thanks very much!

Not to be rude, but differences between formats and their possible/suggested usages has been covered many times. Wish there was a single FAQ thread with that info where I could easily refer you to or some search keywords that would make the previous discussions easier to find …


WebArchive is a proprietary Apple file format that captures the HTML code and the images of a Web page, so that it can be displayed - including images - even offline.

HTML is the source code of a Web page. An HTML file cannot display images unless the computer is online so that they can be downloaded.

A bookmark is the URL of a Web page and contains no text. When invoked when the computer is online the bookmark will open the Web page in a browser.

One can also capture a Web page as PDF, or clip a selected area as plain text or rich text (my preferred mode).

If you have checked DEVONagent’s Preferences to import your Safari bookmarks the bookmarklets you installed in Safari are also available in DEVONagent in the Bookmarks slideout. But I generally prefer using the menu and contextual menu options already available in DEVONthink.


“or clip a selected area as plain text or rich text (my preferred mode)”
Is this done with copy and paste? Or is there another method in DT?

Thanks. New to the

In Preferences > Sorter there is an option to set a hotkey for Copy Selection. This can be used in web browsers to clip a selection (though there potentially may be browsers that misbehave).

Copying the selection opens the Take Note function in the Sorter with the selected text. You can choose the format you’re clipping to (and the choice should be remembered).

Here is a clipping from a selection in Safari…

It’s also possible to drag a selected area to DEVONthink in the dock. This creates a webarchive of this area

This is dependent on what data the browser is sending to the pasteboard.
You may end up with plain text from some browsers, e.g., Firefox.

Safari will produce a web archive.

These are fantastic. Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: