What is "Indexing geolocations"

The activity window is showing “indexing geolocations” but it seems stuck on the same item or group for at least the 30 minutes it’s taken me to finish this post under siege from a million distractions.
What exactly is happening here and can I stop this process? The group that it’s “indexing” has some sub-groups (empty, waiting for emails and PDFs) and one PNG of a iPhone screengrab in it.

I think it’s also stopping Dropbox syncing from happening.

There was an ‘x’ to stop the process but when I clicked it, it dissapeared and the task keeps going

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Information for the geolocation of imported/created items is retrieved & indexed, e.g. country, city, street etc. Is DEVONthink allowed to use geolocations (see System Preferences > Security & Privacy) and is your computer online?

If by geolocations you mean Locations Services, then yes DevonThink is allowed.
The computer was online that whole time, I was posting this question and doing all manner of online activities. I tried to quit Devonthink and it put a Sync task (dropbox and bonjour, as server, are enabled on the laptop) after the Indexing geolocations task but never got to it. I command-q’ed a second time and it quit properly. When restarted DT there was nothing in the Activity queue and I was able to sync.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks!

I am having the same problem. Only started recently.

I’ve been waiting for it to repeat on my system. So far it’s all been very stable and nothing to report.

Stalling while adding geolocation data?

It doesn’t seem to affect anything. Just that neverending “Indexing geolocations” advisory.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I wanted to drop a quick note and mention that this does have a negative side effect. Whichever database gets stuck indexing geolocation becomes unable to sync. Every other database is fine, but the sync option becomes disabled for the impacted one. Automated sync also doesn’t work. The only way to get the database syncing again is to close the app or the database. That forces the indexing to stop for a bit at which point you can reopen it and get a fresh sync in.

Do you remember the action that caused the indexing? E.g. did you import many items?

Nothing specific. It’s been happening for a little while now. I do know that it usually happens with my “Hobbies” database, and it doesn’t always get stuck on the same item. It happens on both of my Macs and neither has reported anything wrong with the database.

What kind of files do you add to this database and how exactly?

Same issue here, I created several markdown files on my iPad and synced them to Mac via Dropbox. Then the “indexing geolocations” dialogue with one of these files showed up and stayed there forever, I had to reopen the app to get things syncing again.

Is DEVONthink 3 allowed to use the location services? Which version of macOS & DEVONthink do you use?

Yes, I read the previous threads and made sure location was allowed all the time. I’m on ventura 13.1 and devonthink 3.9.

The current version of macOS Ventura as 13.2.1. Please stay current with the operating system and our point releases.

Thanks, it works!

Thanks for the follow-up! :slight_smile:

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If I turn off Location Services for DevonThink, will it stop doing this? I have no desire to “index geolocations,” especially if it never actually does. Is there some setting internal to DT that will allow me to turn this function off?

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