What is sync by wire

I have one Mac and one iPad.
I setup devonthink on my Mac. And it works quite well. Then issue comes to my iPad. I tried to setup a Mac-to-mobile connection by Bonjour. It works and the problem is that my LAN bandwidth seems to limit the speed. The delay is high especially when I tried to initilize a new database. I totally understand this is nothing related to the software.
Then I found this blog. It quite exites me.

Does it means that we could establish the connection and file transfer over the USB? Would that mean the sync speed could be largely incresased?


Welcome @SamSong

When connecting the iOS device to your Mac bus Lightning cable, it can function as an ad-hoc network fir syncing. And yes, it should be faster than WiFi. However, if you’re on a network that allows Bonjour, sync may still happen over WiFi if it’s not disabled. You’ll have to test this in your own environment.