What is the best way to link a pdf article to another pdf?

I have a 15 series of books about the US Navy’s activities in WWII. Luckily I ma able to visit some of the battles fought, and have some articles about those specific battles. How do I tie them - or better said how do I link the material related to a chapter of the main pdf book?



There is no simple one-off answer as there are no parameters to your question.

I would first suggest using an annotation file in the Annotations & Reminders inspector.

Another option might be Tools > Create Table of Contents

Probably I was not clear describing my problem

I have a book about battles in WWII. Previouly when I found an article related to one specific battle, I printed it, and put it into the physical book at the relevant page when the story was told.

Now I have both the book and the article as a pdf, and want to do the same as above. I know I can insert the article into the book via Adobe, but was looking for a simpler solution - the book is a 24Mb scanned one…

Thanks considering my poblem!

You can get a page or selection link in the main PDF and add it as a Link annotation in the secondary PDF.

I believe that the feature of “Incoming Links” can be enhanced to cater to this particular usage. However, I am uncertain about how these links would be exhibited. Nevertheless, I aspire for it to be presented in the following manner:

I annotate in a PDF document named one.pdf, and paste an item link of another PDF named two.pdf, for example, x-devonthink-item://C1C27EEB-3EF3-4059-B5D6-A31C4BD9F240?page=214&annotation=Highlight&x=28&y=256.

Then the “Incoming Links” field of two.pdf should shows x-devonthink-item://C1C27EEB-3EF3-4059-B5D6-A31C4BD9F240?page=214&annotation=Highlight&x=28&y=256 automatically.

Both Roam Research and Logseq adhere to this principle. In a way, this feature can be regarded as “bidirectional links” between PDF documents.