What is the correct template placeholder for the amount of seconds of the current time?

I’ve created a smart rule that changes the name of a record to yearmonthday_time, but the placeholder %time% uses a : to separate the time fields (which is different from my regular record name).

I found a workaround to use %year%%month%%day%_%hour%%minute%00, as I couldn’t seem to find the correct template for seconds (or I’ve overlooked the correct use). The manual doesn’t seem to mention one, does it exist?

There isn’t a specific placeholder for seconds.
It is accessible in AppleScript though. See…

Thanks! I’ll try it out.

The next release will add a %second% placeholder.

Ah, nice! Was just about to work on Jim’s script suggestion, but I think I’ll then stick to 00 seconds for the “time” being :slight_smile:

I use date+time as a pseudo-unique human readable identifier of files. The chance of two files being imported and requiring renaming is quite small to be honest.

Indeed - and it’s more understandable than epoch time: 1581951189 (as of this moment… oops, it’s long gone now) :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: