What is the DevonThink protocol handler URL?

Hi there,
When trying to use the Web Clip extension in any Chromium based browser (Google Chrome, Brave, etc.) I am prompted whether to allow the current URI to open DevonThink. I want to get rid of the prompt.

I have found out how to do it, but I need to know what DevonThink has called its protocol. In case you’re not sure what I am referring to, other examples are https://, mailto://, zoommtg:// etc.

Okay. So I’ve managed to figure this out myself, by diving into the JS files for the Web Clip extension.

The protocol DT uses is x-devonthink

Also, for anyone else wanting to disable the prompt for opening Devonthink for any and all URIs, this is the command to use in the macOS Terminal app.

For Brave Browser

defaults write com.brave.Browser URLWhitelist -array-add 'x-devonthink://*'

For Chrome browser

defaults write com.google.Chrome URLWhitelist -array-add 'x-devonthink://*'

You will need to close and relaunch the browser before it takes effect. Once you do this, the browser will no longer prompt you if you’d like to allow a specific site / URI to open DevonThink 3.

Will leave this here in case it is one day of use to someone else.

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Thanks for sharing this tip. I was just looking into this today. :slight_smile:

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Huh … what a coincidence. :+1:
I am glad it was of such immediate use to someone else.

THANK YOU! I was just thinking about finding out how to do this…GET OUT OF MY HEAD. :smiley:

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It seems I can’t update my post above. So, here’s an update. Since version 100 of Chrome (and Brave, and Chromium browsers I would expect), the URLWhitelist policy has been depreciated. For version of Chrome / Brave / etc. newer than version 86 I suggest using URLAllowlist instead.


defaults write com.google.Chrome URLAllowlist -array-add 'x-devonthink://*'

Good to know.