What password to pair DTTG with a Mac?

Hello, In DTTG I get a little request to “pair this device with a Mac on the local network.” Which password? I’ve tried the Mac user password and a few others I could think might possibly apply. But this request keeps coming back immediately. Which password? pairinDTTG

See page 57 of the current version of the DEVONthink Manual where it describes how to setup a password with the Mac, and then use that password on the other machine. Also will be in Help under Sync (but I can’t give you a link).

If you don’t already have the DEVONthink Manual, get from https://www.devontechnologies.com/support/download/extras and also look at “Take Control of DEVONthink”, freely available there compliments of DEVON Technologies. Both are outstanding documents and very readable.

That is referring to a Bonjour password you would have had created in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync > Bonjour Options.

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Thanks, Bluefrog and rmschne. The bonjour password!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: