What's the difference between the Hits value, and the heat map (graph) version of same?

Apology in advance for not finding or remembering what the heat graph thingy is actually called :laughing:.

What intrigues me, are instances whereby the graph shows one thing, i.e. if sorted descending, yet the Hits values don’t descend in the same order.

Heat map, heat graph, or score are all common terms.

I’m not seeing this behavior here. What is the actual search and the scope you’re using?

Hi Jim. That search is long-gone but I’d happily do another one. I think we can just work with that screenshot though. My question in a nutshell; when the results are sorted by the heat graph, descending, I oftentimes spot inconsistencies with the number of hits, which I added as a column to search results (when in List view). My screenshot is a somewhat bad example because these two values are generally consistent, but not perfectly consistent.

For instance, second-top result is document named “85-4.” This document produced one hit according to the Hits column, but nevertheless is the second-highest result in the heat-graph “values” sorted descending from most to least.

Just seeking clarity on what differentiates the graph “hotness” LOL, to the numerical number of hits value, as there seems to be a difference. Thanks again!

Are you aware hits are the number of times a document is opened, not the number of occurrences of a search term.

Development would have to comment on all the factors that determine how relevant a file is, but it does involve the number of occurrences of terms in the text.


Ehem, no I did not! :crazy_face:

Thanks for explaining this!

Now knowing what Hits actually represents, this particular criterion has other highly useful value for searches I do. The column stays in my List view, that for sure.

Thanks Jim!

No problem :slight_smile: