What's the right way to trigger a smart rule when an annotation is created?

I’m trying to write a smart rule that gets triggered when a new annotation is created in the annotations group, but I can’t seem to get it to trigger. The smart rule is defined to search in the group containing the annotations, and I’ve tried the conditions “On Creation”, “On Import”, “On Moving”, yet it never gets triggered when I create an annotation on a file (using the annotations panel in the Annotations & Reminders inspector).

What are the appropriate trigger conditions to use?

Update: never mind; a previous smart rule in the list of smart rules had a “cancel” action that was stopping things before this rule was reached. My bad.

No worries and good catch! :wink:

I am having the same problem, but I don’t have a previous smart rule with a ‘cancel’ action. Is there a way to get a smart rule to activate when an annotation file is created? It works for every other file, but not annotation files.

The smart rule is below:

Annotations do not yet trigger any smart rules, a future release might change this. One workaround would be to use a scheduled smart rule which looks explicitly for annotation files which have not yet been processed.