What's your workflow for scanning documents?


I have resisted to upgrade devonthink since they removed Exactscan 3 years ago but I decided to upgrade to El Capitan and my version of devonthink is no longer working.

Back then, we already complained with devon that removing Exactscan was a huge step tback but they refuse to address the issue.

3 years on, I thought they got things better but I’m not so sure. There are things that I can’t figure out and I hope I can find help here.

  1. when I open Image Capture (IC) and select my scanner, IC immediately does a preview and it asks me to select an area and then I have to click the scan button.
    With Exactscan I had none of that. I just select my scanner and push the scan button.
    Can I get rid of this preview? It effectively doubles the time I need to scan document.

  2. I can’t understand how to scan multiple pages into a singe PDF file.

  3. can I create profile? I used to have 2: color/photo and plain text. now I have to change settings each time which again takes too much time.

  4. is there anyway to get Exactscan back, even if I have to pay an extra licence for it?

I have recommended this software at least 100 times each september to my students, a third of them bought it but that’s no longer gonna happen.
You’re killing my productivity!

Also, if anyone has a recommendation for an alternative to devonthink with great scanning abilities, I’d much appreciate it.

The move to ABBYY from Exactscan was not made on a whim, or for poorly reasoned ideas. If Exactscan was the best fit, from a development / investment / capability standpoint, we would be using it now.

Just a friendly note: Comments like this are never helpful to anyone. Thanks.

Exactscan has been available for years on the Mac App Store – as it was in 2012 when the DEVONtech blog mentioned a half-price sale on Exactscan for those DEVONthink users who wanted to stay with Exactscan.

BTW, you never mentioned what version of DEVONthink you’re using. There have been lots of free upgrades since 2012.

I check that blog with the 50% discount on exascan.
I can only agree with most comment there.
we have to pay 2 times the same feature.

You could at least have implemented a sort of plug in, so that exascan would be fully integrated.
I did like the fact that a scanned document from exascan would go directly in the active folder of my library.

People paid for a sum for software with x features, you remove an important one, tell us to buy it again elsewhere (without give us back some money for the lost feature) and no apologize.

That’s your opinion. “Never” is strong word, How could you know that?
I already know people who find it helpful. It helps them to consider other alternatives.

Sorry but making a veiled threat that you’re not going to suggest our software is not helpful to anyone. If you choose not to suggest our software (for whatever reason), that is your choice. But posting it here (which you are free to do as you are not personally attacking anyone or using foul language) is (1) not offering anything constructive to others, and (2) not going to change the choices we’ve had to make.

That is all.

Completely concur with Jim. Just more of the “if feature X is not appearing, I will switch over to Evernote” type remarks. If you don’t want to recommend the software in your circles anymore, that’s totally fine. But using this here is pointless.
Just state the problems that you have with the current DT software, and have a good discussion, but keep it at the technical level. Visitors to the forum can then draw their own conclusions.

Btw., for my scanning needs, I use completely independent hard/software. I use a 2006 ScanSnap with the software that came with it. Afterwards I import those files manually into DT. But this could be automated, e.g. by a script that imports files in a certain folder. I generally prefer to keep things separate. Use the favourite among any of the available scan solutions, and then hand the stuff to DT. Same with OCR. I never felt the need to integrate these things too tightly.

Finally, you have to assume that the devs have to make all sorts of decisions in the background, that you and I cannot judge. There could be financial and technical reasons that companies generally don’t discuss. Things like outrageous licencing fees etc.

please, i am looking for a way to get rid of the automatical “preview”-scan , and i also would like not to have to “send to devon” afterwards.

What is the easiest way please to scan directly to DTPO with a Brother Network Scanner?

Thank you

hi. i don’t know about brother. i have epson and scansnap. there are at least two simple options: index the folder where your scans are saved or use hazel to automatically have them moved from that folder to another one that is indexed. in either case, indexing will accomplish the automation.

Thank you, but in this case, DTPO will not perform OCR automatically, right?

no. i batch scan them myself using adobe. the scanners can usually do it for you as well. but, if you want dtpo to do it, there seems to be a script. blog.devontechnologies.com/2010/ … -and-drop/

I’m using a Canon MX925 all-in-one for my document scanning needs. I have the Canon network scanner tool running on my MacBook but prefer to control the scanning from the device, where I can choose the destination computer and scanning preferences (colour, B&W, single sheet, ADF, single/double sided, etc.).

Scanned documents end up in a designated folder on the MacBook where a number of Hazel rules take charge of file renaming for scans of regular documents, such as utility bills, bank statements, etc. and then moved to a defined folder structure - which was my “paperless” environment before I started using DTPO - and also copied to the monitored DTPO Inbox folder. Anything left over can be reviewed to see if a new Hazel rule is required otherwise manually copied to the DTPO Inbox folder.

The workflow is still in a state of flux but it seems to be working for me so far. I did experiment with batch scanning using DTPO but found that it actually required more work on my part. I also find that the scans and OCR performed by the Canon - not quite sure if the OCR itself is performed the software on my MacBook or if it is done in-device - provide slightly better quality results than those performed by having DTPO control the scanner.