When does the web server save work?

Hello there.

I’m accessing DevonThink over the web (seems to work very well by the way), but I’m wondering when it decides its going to save the details I’ve just typed in. It doesn’t do it straight away, and it doesn’t do it when I hit the refresh (in fact, if I hit refresh then I sometimes lose whatever I’ve just typed).

Is there a trick to get it to save on demand, or after a few minutes, or whenever?

Changes should be saved before you refresh, I will check this to see if there is an issue.

As far as when do changes get saved, all records are saved if you select a different record. Automatic saving of changes every 10 seconds is implemented for formatted notes and will be added to all editable records in the next update.

Okay, thanks for that. I’m definitely not seeing an update when I move to a different record (the date and time stays the same). But if I hit refresh, move to a different record, then move back to the record I changed, the date and time will update after a second or two.

Looking forward to the next update. :slight_smile: