When DTTG asks for authentication, which username and password is it asking for?

I’m using DEVONthink 2 and recently created a new sync store (located in Dropbox) that I’m not able to sync with DTTG on my iOS devices. Didn’t have this problem in the past when I set up multiple sync stores.

After identifying the sync store and providing the encryption key on my iOS device, I click on the “>” to open up the sync store. I’m taken to a page that lists all my sync stores, with the word “remote” next to the new one I want to sync to my iOS device. I click on the circle-within-oval button to the left of the sync store, at which point a window pops up titled “Authentication,” with the name of the sync store underneath, followed by a field for a user name and a field for a password. I have tried every username and password combo I can think of–for the sync store, for the database, for my DEVONthink account, for my Dropbox account, etc. Every time, after I hit “confirm,” the window closes and the the circle-within-oval that had been set to “on” returns to “off.” I don’t get any message whatsoever.

I have deleted data on my iOS devices to create ample room for the sync store, and I have made sure to go into Dropbox to un-select the sync store from Dropbox’s selective sync.

Can anyone help?

Welcome @perryfr

That is requesting a username and password you specified for the database in DEVONthink’s File > Database Properties. You must provide these credentials in order to sync that particular database.

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Thank you for that clarification. The problem, it turned out, is that I was using the wrong username the whole time: I was using the email address associated with my account rather than the username, which is not an email address. Thanks again for the help.

Simple and logical (as required by dumb and literal machines :stuck_out_tongue: )
You’re welcome :slight_smile: